The Dyslexia Quest Podcast

Are you gifted? Is your child gifted? ...or NOT? Does the term GIFTED trigger certain feelings in you? Have you ever wondered why these terms carry such emotional baggage?

YES!? Then this is the episode for you!

Dr. Amend, our guest, is a Clinical Psychologist who focuses on the social, emotional, and educational needs of gifted, 2e (twice exceptionality) and talented individuals. We go into those labels and the struggles of those with or without these labels. We dissect WHY you can be gifted ... YET STILL FEEL BORED in class OR struggle with school!? AND how to go about understanding what it all MEANS!

This complex inquiry also goes into the INS-&-OUTS of:

  • effective evaluation of gifted and 2e needs,
  • appropriate assessment and identification of multi-exceptionalities and
  • how to choose the right professionals to work with you and your child.

This talk get really juicy and taps into our curiosity surrounding these complicated thoughts so be sure to join us! The advice in this episode is equally helpful for those just starting their quest as well as those who've been at it for years! ENJOY!

Be sure to tell us what you think!

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What if you were in a classroom where you were understood? What if the learning focused on the skills that came easy to you? How would that have changed the way you thought about school? How would that setting have shaped you? What could have been possible?

At some point we have all wondered …. What if…

This episode features someone who has actually thought of a SOLUTION to this dilemma, faced by many students, like us. We know that dyslexia has many advantages that sometimes go untapped...and are THE DESIRED SKILLS by employers! What would happen if these strengths were highlighted in classrooms instead of ignored?!

Our guest, Dean Bragonier, is the Founder and Executive Dyslexic of NoticeAbility. NoticeAbility is cutting-edge as it “unlocks the dyslexic potential” with “experiential, project-based courses grounded in social-emotional methodology and executive function research.” This unique curriculum enables learning for middle and high school aged learners through multiple modalities. You do not want to miss this AMAZING conversation! You will feel so understood and encouraged by this message so be sure to listen to the end! ENJOY!

Liked it? Loved it? Leave a review and comment! We love hearing more from you!

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So many influential thinkers of our time had one thing in common- CREATIVITY! Yet they seemed to have struggled in school... Creativity is a key strength that can go underappreciated in some schools. But through creativity, so many other strengths can develop! This episode is an enlightening talk about how we can enable our students to flourish by encouraging them to use their creative strengths. Kathryn Haydon, founder of Sparkitivity, quests with me as we reveal why recognizing creativity is essential and what that means for students who have a hard time in school. You won’t want to miss her insight and advice so be sure to listen to the end!

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Do you remember when you first knew you were dyslexic? Do you recall that feeling in class or maybe even at home when you let down a parent or teacher? What about that feeling you had once you  realized that you are actually really good at something? or SEVERAL things? Dyslexia is always with us and takes us on incredible rides.

In this episode we look at one man’s interesting journey with “dyslexia as a lifelong companion”. Taylor Beattie, US Army Special Forces Officer (retired Lieutenant Colonel), and I had a fascinating talk about his navigating through the military and getting his masters ... all the while understanding his dyslexia. We look into dyslexic strengths and weaknesses and how they play a vital role in understanding the dyslexic journey. We also dive into parenting and dyslexia as Taylor has a dyslexic daughter himself. You won’t want to miss the advice he gives so be sure to listen to this Dyslexia Quest until the end!

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