The Dyslexia Quest Podcast

This episode features John Rodrigues, the founder of Thinklexic and author of High school Drop Out to Harvard. Listen as John shares interesting stories from his own experience as well as tips for supporting your dyslexic child. His passion is extremely contagious and motivating! We go into dyslexic strengths and how these translate to success.You won't want to miss it!

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Come explore with us as Dr. Lena Carawan & Dr. Blace Nalavany make their second appearance on the show! Listen as we gush all about their latest cutting-edge research on inter-generational dyslexia. This dynamic duo is finding out what's it like for dyslexics in the later years.  

We know that Dyslexia doesn't go away. These growing pains are real and vary from generation to generation. Our talk gets into the family dynamics of dyslexic parents with and without dyslexic children. Can you relate? Let us know! Enjoy!

How to Strengthen Your Dyslexic Child's Self-Esteem Sign up now for the free online webinar on dyslexia and self-esteem for middle school children, on the 7th, 14th and 21st of August 2017!

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Are you wondering about how to start the assessment process for your child? Have you gotten an assessment in the past but still feel like you have questions? YOU are NOT ALONE! Assessment is tricky and hard to navigate! This topic has gotten a lot of popularity due to the process parents go through to get a proper assessment. Parents often wonder:

How do you know where to go and who to talk to?

Is it worth the money, time, and effort?

How can we determine all of this?

To help us answer these pressing questions we quest with guest Dr. Michael Hart. He has over 25 years experience, "protecting and empowering children and adults who have led lives of confusion and sometimes even desperation due to learning issues." Together we go over the essentials for getting a proper assessment and what parents need to know about becoming "Enlightened Warriors" for their children.

"Parents can advocate like an Enlightened Warrior... By educating themselves with information and learning how to interpret test results and what they mean...They become fierce and powerful but not in the way people usually think. An Enlightened Warrior doesn’t want war or violence... But they are prepared to be fearless in the face of push-back or conflict."

You won't want to miss his unique insight and helpful tips. Be sure to listen to the end!

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In this podcast we discuss Dr. Jerome Schultz’s groundbreaking book, "Nowhere To Hide” . He addresses the consequences of the unabated stress associated with Learning disabilities/ADHD and the toxic, deleterious impact of this stress on kids’ academic learning, social skills, behavior, and efficient brain functioning.

He draws upon three decades of work as a neuropsychologist, teacher educator, and school consultant to address this gap. This book really can help change the way parents and teachers think about why kids with LD and ADHD find school and homework so toxic, while also offering abundant supply of practical, understandable strategies that have been shown to reduce stress at school and at home, such as Shultz’s SAVING FASE, and DE-STRESS models

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We are wrapping up our series on understanding giftedness and what it all means! This inspiring talk continues our quest into the evolution of our culture and society’s idea of neurodiverse learners! Join us as Marc Smolowitz, award winning director, dives in and gives his unique perspective on this theme. He shares all about his newest project, the G word, an unforgettable documentary that unravels the complex challenges of defining and meeting the needs of high intelligence in the 21st century.

"The continuum of intelligence has been up & down...we thought what if we turned it sideways so we are all on the same plane?"

The G word is a moving and enlightening film that features different lives and takes on the educational experience. In addition to exploring themes in education, giftedness, and intelligence, equity and justice are also explored.

“Who gets to be gifted in America and why?"

Did you listen through to the end? Now we want to know:

what’s your education story?

what’s your idea of a new term for giftedness?



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