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This week we cover maths again! So often when we discuss dyslexia we talk about the language component but this processing style can also effect math skills and understanding. Sometimes these weakness (AND STRENGTHS) can spill over into the maths classroom. We uncover more on this and dyscalculia with guest, Steve Chinn.  He has over 30 years experience in work and research on dyslexia and dyscalculia. We uncover dyslexics who struggle with maths, how parents can support students who struggle with maths and the difference between inchworm and grasshopper thinkers and so much more! His fascinating insight helps us better understand "the trouble with maths," so stay tuned till the end!

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Our guest this week, Dr. Ellen Braaten, is an expert in the field of pediatric neuropsychological and psychological assessment, particularly in the areas of assessing learning disabilities and attention disorders. She co-authored the book, "Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up: Help Your Child Overcome Slow Processing Speed and Succeed in a Fast-Paced World." This episode explores why sometimes really bright kids, for whatever reason, have a hard time with tasks like choosing what they want for breakfast, copying things off the board, and expediting these kind of tasks speedily. 

Do you have a child who has a hard time with these tasks?

Are you curious about why they may have a hard time keeping up?

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Do you wonder how to BEST ADVOCATE for your student or child with dyslexia? What are the right questions to ask at an IEP meeting? How do you even begin to navigate the complexities of advocating for your child within the school system?

If you wonder about these questions then you will want to listen till the end! Guest Dr.Kelli Sandman-Hurley, author and co-founder of the Dyslexia Training Institute, spills it all as we dive into these questions and more! She shares her TOP advice for parents and anyone who wants to ADVOCATE for a student with dyslexia! 

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Renee Jain is the founder and chief storyteller of Go Zen. She teaches skills of happiness and resilience through fun media that engages kids -- and parents too! She is a mama herself and podcast host who believes feeling good is actually a skill we can practice and develop.

Jenee discuss why we should practice things like gratitude, shift our mindset about stress, and parenting myths such as, "it's not your job to reassure them."

Curious? Want to know what you can do to help your child feel good? Listen as we discuss practical tips to use with your child to help them relieve anxiety and learn strategies to feel good.



How to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem– Even If The School Is Tearing It Down : A step by step, 6 week online live course for parents and guardians of dyslexic students aged 7 – 15 years old.  

Learn how to increase your child’s self esteem, regardless of how supportive your child’s school environment is, in this step by step live six week video course for mothers, dads and guardians of children 7-15 years old. THE COURSE WILL BEGIN SEPTEMBER 7TH, AND END OCTOBER 19TH. Questions? Contact us!

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