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In our first Q and A mini series episode we answered a listener's question:
Tell us more about unschooling for dyslexic children.
To answer this we quest together with Self-Directed Homeschooling founder, Becky Ogden. Listen as Becky talks about everything self- directed learning, unschooling and nontraditional learning environments, like relaxed homeschooling. Do you think unschooling would work for your child? Let us know!

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When she was young, Cathy Drennan was told she would likely not graduate high school. Fast forward to today and we can find Cathy teaching and inspiring others as a chemistry and biology professor at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “Wow you must be smart to do what you do!” What does it really mean to be SMART— especially when you struggled in school?! In this episode Cathy shares how she was determined to work hard and prove that she was more than “smart for someone with dyslexia.” Her experiences translate into meaningful advice for both parents of dyslexic children and dyslexics themselves. Cathy’s story will move you and show how are biggest weakness can become our greatest strength. You won’t want to miss it so listen now!

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CEO Stan Gloss shares inspiring tales in this encouraging episode. Stan, a dyslexic himself, talks about what it's like to prove wrong those who thought he wouldn't get into college. From childhood to entering a doctoral program, Stan has firsthand experience on what it takes to become a dyslexic success story. He shares the "workarounds" he used to get ahead and why being dyslexic is an asset in the workplace. His advice to parents? Let your kids dabble in their interests... chances are those skills will lead them to success as adults. Listen for more useful advice from Stan himself! What resonated the most with you? Share with us! Meet us on Instagram or Facebook!

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Our first guest of 2018, Rick Fiery, has created a one of a kind learning lab and start up incubator- with a twist-  Inventive Labs is a platform specifically designed for those with learning differences such as dyslexia. He provides a space to help individuals develop their passions and strengths. With mentoring and inspiration, Inventive Labs is helping others hone into their strengths to help change the world.

Listen as Rick details his own journey and how Inventive Labs was created. He shares how high school grads can peruse their goals through an Entrepreneurship program and why gap years are a good thing. This discussion is an inspiring talk to start the year off- you don't want to miss it!

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Watch this TED Talk: Capturing necessary brilliance: Learning differences unleashed! | Rick Fiery | TEDxAmoskeagMillyard

Check out Inventive Labs

Want to apply to the Inventive Labs Entrepreneurship program? click here


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