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7 marathons - on 7 continents - in 7 days! Our fascinating guest, Jared Blank, has accomplished this amazing feat- the World Marathon Challenge! Jared has been running for the IDA (international Dyslexia Association). Guess what he calls his superpower? Jared attributes his resilience and endurance to his childhood experience grappling with dyslexia. He shares with us how his mindset was developed by these experiences. We get into how childhood and school experiences have contributed to the person he is today.

We wrap up with advice for parents that you won't want to miss! Listen till the end to find out more!

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Will Richardson is changing the way we think about education. He quests with us about the role of school. We unpack the unacknowledged truth about most schools today and how it's impacting our kids future.  

What is the purpose of sending kids to of school ANYWAYS?! We get into what we are REALLY trying to accomplish through schooling in the long run. What do we expect schools to do and what can we imagine schools to and in the long run? 

Not only does he share something beautiful, he also gives interesting advice from a parent's point of view. Dive into this broader philosophical discussion with us- we hope it will inspire you too!

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Surprisingly, perfectionism might manifest itself in various ways. Often times students with hidden perfectionistic ideals might go undetected because they seem messy, lazy, unorganized or seem like they are not trying (*hint*: this is risk avoidance! For example, they would rather take the 0 grade by not trying vs trying and getting an 80% grade because it did not turn out like they envision in their mind). But actually, students who are under-performing might be masking a fear that is actually the root of perfectionism. There might be an underlying belief of unreasonable expectations-- which may result in surprising behaviors that tie into perfectionism. You cannot really achieve perfectionism --It rarely leads to high achievement and might even effect their socialness! It may seem counterintutive but perfectionism is rarely helpful!

Internal scripts in perfectionist dyslexic students might sound like "OK - New semester! I am going to be EVEN BETTER than last time- this is the time when I know I will be so much better!"
Do you know if perfectionism is showing up in your child in ways you would not expect?

Sound familiar? Are you a perfectionist yourself?



COURSE CART NOW OPEN: How to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem– Even If The School Is Tearing It Down

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