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Dr. Dan Siegel has written over 20 books, including a variety of parenting books. He is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, the founding co-director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, and the executive director of the Mindsight institute (his credentials go on!). His book, The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child is Dr. Dan’s newest book, co-authored with Tina Payne Bryson. You do not want to miss this engaging talk on this fascinating topic. Dr. Dan takes us through a meditation that brings me to tears… This profound experience is a special moment to share. Dr. Dan discusses how to get your child out of the NO brain state into and into a completely different nervous system - the YES brain. The YES brain is filled with courage, curiosity, balance, resilience, insight, and empathy -- all characteristics that are so important for dyslexic children. Please join us on this quest and share your own story on iTunes or Instagram.



Other books by Dr. Dan:

The Mindsight Institute

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Jade Rivera’s work will completely resonate with so many of us. With her unique experience working with neurodivergent children, we unpack what it means to be an alternative learner. We uncover what it means to have these needs that conventional education is not addressing.

This episode explores:

  • Microschools and Jade’s work developing these institutions with others,

  • Neurodivergent learners and how they can be supported,

  • Labels and the meaning or lack of meaning they offer,

  • Achievement and what that looks like for different learners,

  • Homework and testing- to do or not to do!,

  • Connecting with your child and the choices you can make to truly support them,


At the end of this episode, Jade gives solid advice for parents on how to best support their children… so be sure to listen till the end!


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Barbara Steinberg, founder of PDF Reading Specialists, LLC, quests with us today and shares about her journey inspiring others. She is the founder of PDX Reading Specialist, LLC  and also offers teacher training on proper instruction for students with dyslexic type difficulties. She shares a template parents can use to structure conversations to have with teachers at the start of the year! This talk will help you be prepared and know how to talk to your child’s teacher about dyslexia at the start of the school year!

At the start of her career, Barbara started out as a teacher. She always worried about the children who struggled in her class—which she knows now were dyslexic. She headed off to grad school and learned more about teaching effectively. PDX Reading Specialist, LLC was created with a simple mission–to create CONFIDENT and CAPABLE learners. She inspires students to discover hidden gifts and become self-advocates.

You do not want to miss this episode. Grab your pencil and be ready to take notes!

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Our guest Dean Bragonier is Founder and Executive Dyslexic of NoticeAbility, an organization that helps you unlock dyslexic strengths. He asks:

What if you were in a classroom where you were understood? What if learning in school focused on the skills that came easy to you? How would that have changed the way you thought about school? How would that setting have shaped you? What could have been possible?

At some point, we have all wondered, "What if...?"

This episode features someone who has actually thought of a SOLUTION to the dilemma that many students like us or our children face. We know that dyslexia has many advantages and creative skills that sometimes go untapped… and those are THE DESIRED SKILLS by employers!

What would happen if these strengths were highlighted in classrooms instead of ignored?!

Innovative problem-solver, Dean Bragonier is the Founder and Executive Dyslexic of NoticeAbility. NoticeAbility is cutting-edge as it “unlocks the dyslexic potential” with “experiential, project-based courses grounded in social-emotional methodology and executive function research.” This unique curriculum enables learning for middle and high school aged learners through multiple modalities.

You do not want to miss this AMAZING conversation! You will feel so understood and encouraged by this message so be sure to listen to the end! ENJOY!

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This Dyslexic Woman Sued The New York State Bar Examination, Changing Disability Law Forever -- Interview with Dr. Marilyn Bartlett.

Dr. Marilyn Bartlett is a professor of Educational Leadership (school administration certification) and educational law at Texas A&M University Kingsville.

She is also a professor at the Institute for Special Educational Advocacy at The College of William & Mary, Wyeth Law School each summer with Pete and Pam Wright. Dr. Bartlett is a fierce educational advocate, helping teachers and students all over the US, utilize the rights she worked so hard to attain.

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