The Dyslexia Quest Podcast

Join us for this episode with Jordan Toma, a speaker and advocate for children with dyslexia and learning disabilities. Jordan's strong and inspiring message for young students with learning disabilities is geared towards 8th grade to high school students their parents and teachers. He is currently working as a Financial Advisor and started his own insurance business through Prudential -- but he wants to convey that “it hasn’t always been this easy.”

On this journey I believe it’s time to help young students that can relate to my story. My objective is to create the foundations of the belief, the confidence, the work ethic and everything that you need to become the best you can be now and not let anything ever get in your way.


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Are boys adrift? Does gender even matter? Let's dive into how you can unleash your sons motivation and ambition, and raise an unanxious daughter. Join us for this incredible interview with Dr. Leonard Sax, MD Phd and author, as he guides us to help both boys and girls deal with motivation, societal pressures, and school pressures.

Dr. Leonard Sax delves into the scientific literature and draws on more than twenty years of clinical experience to explain boys and girls achieve differently school and are disengaged at home. He shows how social, cultural, and biological factors have created an environment that is literally toxic to boys. He also presents practical solutions, sharing strategies which educators have found effective in re-engaging these children at school, as well as handy tips for parents about everything from homework, to videogames, to medication.
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Join us for this inspiring podcast episode about Cigdem Knebel's work on building your Dyslexic child's reading confidence with Simple Word Books and decoding simple words. She has a passion for helping children and it shows in her resources and all her work.

Cigdem's story:

From a very early age, my son had a passion for books. Unfortunately, reading did not come naturally to him. In 2015, at age six, he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. With training, he soon began reading simple words and sentences. One night, he picked up Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. He read the entire 160+ words over and over, then asked for a chapter book.

I googled, talked to experts, teachers, tutors and parents to find low-level/high-interest books. Others were in search of these books, too, but they did not exist. So I began to write for my son; he began to read. And Project Simple Words was born.

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How do children thrive? As a parent, you probably think about this all the time. You want your children to have happy, healthy, and meaningful lives—but what’s the best way to support them? In this episode, developmental pediatrician and parent Dr. Mark Bertin provides a positive, simple, and empowering approach for raising children of all ages, and discusses his book How Children Thrive. Bringing together mindfulness, new science on brain development, and the messy reality of being a parent, Dr. Bertin has a created a breakthrough guide that will help children—and their parents—flourish.
Research has shown that the key to raising resilient, kind, and independent children lies in executive function, our mental capacity to manage just about everything in life. “Despite its wonky, overly scientific name, there is nothing complicated about building executive function,” Dr. Bertin writes. “It’s actually a lot more straightforward and less anxiety-provoking than most of the parenting advice out there.” Through concise, easily applied chapters, Dr. Bertin provides simple strategies for helping your children develop healthy EF while taking care of yourself and enjoying your family. 

“The pressure to be the perfect parent is overwhelming,” writes Dr. Bertin, “but the truth is the job is too challenging and varied to ever be done to perfection.” With compassion and reassurance, Dr. Bertin presents a relaxed, instinctual, and evidence-based approach to raising children who thrive.

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