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Join us for this conversation as we discuss how to better understand and support twice-exceptional children and adults (2e = twice exceptional) with Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC. She passionately guides parents of gifted and distractible children, mentors 2e adults, and collaborates with and advises educators and professionals on bringing out the best and raising self-esteem in their students and clients.


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Join us for this episode as we delve into the world of Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and how to best support a highly sensitive child. This can go hand-in-hand with dyslexia, so it may be a topic that resonates with a specific group of our Dyslexia Quest audience. Julie specializes in the trait of high sensitivity and has helped thousands of highly sensitive people around the world.

As an HSP herself, Julie understands what it is like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions. She is also mother to two highly sensitive children, and so she is well-equipped to help and support other parents of HSP children. She is recognized as an expert in sensory processing sensitivity and consult with companies and corporate leaders that want to harness the incredible gifts of the HSP in the workplace.


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Join us for Part 2 of the Katie Garner interview as we uncover The Sneaky Backdoor Secrets to Unlock Reading for The Dyslexic Mind. Katie brings a wealth of knowledge on these secrets to help student access the sounds and recall them.

Katie Garner, M.Ed. (author of best-selling book, Secret Stories® Cracking the Reading Code with the Brain in Mind) is an internationally known keynote speaker, author and literacy consultant with twenty-five years of experience working in elementary classrooms across the country and a passion for infusing neuroscience into literacy and learning! Her “backdoor-to-the-brain” approach to fast-tracking phonics for reading and writing, via social-emotional learning channels, shifts the paradigms associated with traditional grade level instruction, and has gained national recognition with the No Child Left Behind, Reading First and RTI Initiatives. Katie is an annually featured and keynote speaker at education conferences across the United States and abroad, including an ongoing keynote series with North American literacy leaders, Dr. Richard Allington (What Really Matters for Struggling Readers) and Dr. Anne Cunningham (The National Early Literacy Panel “NELP” Report) at the Vulnerable Readers Summits. 

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Join us for a discussion on Why Some Logical Thinkers Especially Have a Hard Time With Reading --with Katie Garner, author of Secret Stories - Cracking the Reading Code with the Brain in Mind.

She is an internationally known educational speaker, author, and literacy consultant with 25 years of elementary classroom experience. Katie has a passion for infusing neuroscience into literacy and learning.

She shares brain-changing strategies for boosting existing reading curriculum and phonics instruction with the latest neural research showing how our brains learn best.

This is part one of my interview with Katie. Tune in to Part 2 as well!

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