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Join us for this episode with Holly Combs on the Art of the Sticker -- speaking about labels for people with learning differences, or other differences. Holly helps makes sense of labels and words that may have been hurtful and helps many people find power and freedom apart from labels.

As Executive Director of the Department of Public Words, Holly Combs delights in using words and art to speak power into the lives of elementary students, juvenile offenders, government officials, church leaders, corporate executives, and everyone in between. Since 2014, she has led more than 10,000 people to new perspectives, including the audience at the TED conference in Indianapolis. Challenged by dyslexia all her life, Holly graduated from Herron School of Art in 2001 with a BFA in Visual Communications. She formerly published an internationally distributed street art magazine, PEEL, curated Alias Gallery in Indianapolis (featuring international street art), and co-authored the street art book, PEEL: The Art of the Sticker. A Tennessee native, Holly and her artist husband, Dave, along with their two beautiful children, reside in Indianapolis, where they together create powerful, positive, socially relevant messages through vibrant combinations of images and typography. Holly sums up her life and work well: “I practice the art of inspiration, and people are my canvas.”

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Join us for this great discussion and resourced-filled episode with parenting coach Darlynn Childress of "The Parenting Path" where she outlines the Behavior Cycle and how to raise children with emotional connection, even through the hardest moments.


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The Parenting Path is a parenting model, developed by Darlynn Childress, that helps parents become empowered to create lasting peace in their homes. Darlynn, a former middle and high school teacher and trained parent educator, created The Parenting Path because she was frustrated by the limited models available to parents; models that either focused solely on behavior modification or solely on emotional development. Darlynn wanted a complete toolbox to use in parenting her two sons. 

The Parenting Path is a 4-step model designed for handling tricky parenting moments. The steps in The Parenting Path are CALM, CONNECT, LIMIT SET, CORRECT.

CALM: Parents learn how to calm their mind when angry or overwhelmed.

CONNECT: They learn an easy way to access compassion and teach children about emotional regulation.

LIMIT SET: Parents learn how to set limits that work.

CORRECT: Parents know how to follow-up with correction that develops resilience.

Learn more:

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Join us for this episode on "Understanding Your (and Your Child's) Unique Human Design" with Raquel Reyna, spiritualized business coach. Elisheva talks with Raquel about tapping into strengths and weaknesses, particularly for people with non-traditional learning styles like dyslexia -- and how to understand it better via human design on a deeper, more personal level.
Raquel walks us through understanding these elements and knowing the wonderful ways that your weaknesses are connected to your strengths.

Go to to understand your human design type.

About Raquel Reyna -- Raquel is a spiritualized business coach and founder of The VIP BIZ Initiation.  She works with her partner Davidian Lyon and they advise conscious entrepreneurs on how to dive inside their genetic material and launch their unique genius online.

Raquel uses the system of Human Design and Law of Attraction to deep dive into her clients’ inner genetic blueprint, so they can discover their life purpose.  It is much more than just making money, Raquel leads her clients on the inspiring, mystical journey of online business transformational magic.  A newly published #1 bestselling author of, Thoth book of Magic, seen on several TV shows including Tyra Banks, The View, and shared stages with Marianne Williamson, Laura Hollick and other thought leaders.  She was recently featured on the cover of Spiritual Biz Magazine.  She is committed to bringing out this knowledge to assist humanity from the shackles of overworking, misguided careers, and assisting people to really live the life of their dreams.

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