The Dyslexia Quest Podcast

Do you remember when you first knew you were dyslexic? Do you recall that feeling in class or maybe even at home when you let down a parent or teacher? What about that feeling you had once you  realized that you are actually really good at something? or SEVERAL things? Dyslexia is always with us and takes us on incredible rides.

In this episode we look at one man’s interesting journey with “dyslexia as a lifelong companion”. Taylor Beattie, US Army Special Forces Officer (retired Lieutenant Colonel), and I had a fascinating talk about his navigating through the military and getting his masters ... all the while understanding his dyslexia. We look into dyslexic strengths and weaknesses and how they play a vital role in understanding the dyslexic journey. We also dive into parenting and dyslexia as Taylor has a dyslexic daughter himself. You won’t want to miss the advice he gives so be sure to listen to this Dyslexia Quest until the end!

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