The Dyslexia Quest podcast

Barbara Steinberg, founder of PDF Reading Specialists, LLC, quests with us today and shares about her journey inspiring others. She is the founder of PDX Reading Specialist, LLC  and also offers teacher training on proper instruction for students with dyslexic type difficulties. She shares a template parents can use to structure conversations to have with teachers at the start of the year! This talk will help you be prepared and know how to talk to your child’s teacher about dyslexia at the start of the school year!

At the start of her career, Barbara started out as a teacher. She always worried about the children who struggled in her class—which she knows now were dyslexic. She headed off to grad school and learned more about teaching effectively. PDX Reading Specialist, LLC was created with a simple mission–to create CONFIDENT and CAPABLE learners. She inspires students to discover hidden gifts and become self-advocates.

You do not want to miss this episode. Grab your pencil and be ready to take notes!

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