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Join us for this great discussion and resourced-filled episode with parenting coach Darlynn Childress of "The Parenting Path" where she outlines the Behavior Cycle and how to raise children with emotional connection, even through the hardest moments.


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The Parenting Path is a parenting model, developed by Darlynn Childress, that helps parents become empowered to create lasting peace in their homes. Darlynn, a former middle and high school teacher and trained parent educator, created The Parenting Path because she was frustrated by the limited models available to parents; models that either focused solely on behavior modification or solely on emotional development. Darlynn wanted a complete toolbox to use in parenting her two sons. 

The Parenting Path is a 4-step model designed for handling tricky parenting moments. The steps in The Parenting Path are CALM, CONNECT, LIMIT SET, CORRECT.

CALM: Parents learn how to calm their mind when angry or overwhelmed.

CONNECT: They learn an easy way to access compassion and teach children about emotional regulation.

LIMIT SET: Parents learn how to set limits that work.

CORRECT: Parents know how to follow-up with correction that develops resilience.

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