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Renee Jain is the founder and chief storyteller of Go Zen. She teaches skills of happiness and resilience through fun media that engages kids — and parents too! She is a mama herself and podcast host who believes feeling good is actually a skill we can practice and develop.

Renee discuss why we should practice things like gratitude, shift our mindset about stress, and parenting myths such as, “it’s not your job to reassure them.”

Curious? Want to know what you can do to help your child feel good? Listen as we discuss practical tips to use with your child to help them relieve anxiety and learn strategies to feel good. Tell us what works for your child! Reach out on instagram @thedyslexiaquest!

We are taking advantage of the summer months to re-air our "BEST OF..." episodes! (This episode originally aired Sept. 2017!) What do you think of this idea? Did you relate to this story? Share your thoughts – Rate and review on iTunes! We LOVE hearing from you as always- Connect with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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Jessica Hamman comes on to talk about why so many schools struggle to identify and properly accommodate dyslexia. You will love hearing her explain and give advice on what parents can say and do to support the schools and teachers in getting the proper resources they need to help your child.

Founder of Educator Learning Lab, Jessica started her advocacy journey over 30 years ago! She grew up in a family of education professionals with a deep interest in learning disabilities (her father was a special education attorney and child advocate-- and gathered the committee who helped develop the definition of dyslexia that's accepted in most states!! Her mom was an Orton Gillingham therapist, trainer and professor at the Center for Dyslexia Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ!) They embarked on a journey advocating for her brother, and two decades later, Jessica found herself in a similar situation advocating for her own son. During this time she found there was such a lack of understanding surrounding dyslexia (almost as much as before!). Why was there still such a disconnect between the research to practice?! It became her mission to help bridge this gap! Listen along as we chat with this fascinating, brilliant, creative mom!

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Are you the kind of dyslexic individual that knows you have skills, talents and abilities?  Do you want to manifest success and purpose in your life? Maybe you feel trapped because the traditional career paths don't seem right for you? Do you know you want to create something on your own terms but it seems so daunting or overwhelming  and you do not know where to start? If you are recently out of college, choosing not to go to college or you are transitioning careers and looking to do work that taps into your truest potential, then this episode will be a treat for you!

We jam out to the process of thriving in your work and manifesting success in your life. We discuss being a dyslexic in the workforce and the advantages of this processing style. Christopher is a powerful professional speaker who is passionate about demystifying the myth of dyslexia and teaching others how to become the best versions of themselves. He talks through personal growth, purpose, abundance and money and more. Listening to this episode will leave you with many practical tips and insight - so don't miss it!

Don't forget to share what you are grateful for and tag @thedyslexiaquest and @ChristopherDedeyan on Instagram or iTunes! 


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