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Join us for this empowering conversation where Delphine Rule talks with us about how to teach your child to advocate for themselves in the classroom. From first learning to speak up, to helping them persevere when the advocacy road gets challenging, Delphine guides and encourages us to help our kids find their voice and learn to get their needs met -- so they can succeed. Delphine brings an empowering message that will speak to middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, and beyond -- and she encourages us to be honest with our children early about their learning differences and focus on their strengths. Delphine also reminds us to seek the support available to us through resources, agencies, support groups, tutors, and friend networks. Lastly, she encourages us to make sure that all the people in our circle are supportive and if not, be proactive to find those who are.

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In this episode, we talk with Rosa Berland and Helen Roussel about their journeys with their children and lessons learned on how to advocate fiercely and effectively for dyslexia services. They generously offer to help others, so stay tuned to the end to get their information.

They are passionate about the creative and transformative power of the dyslexic and differently wired mind. They are committed to creating equity in education for dyslexic children.

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Successful mom and entrepreneur forged through her dyslexia and emerged as a successful CEO of the She-Compass organization, built to inspire girls and women. Join us for this fantastic episode. 

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